Cantos de Lisboa

Tour of Lisbon
A journey with open eyes

Are you ready to take this journey with me?

My name is Elisa Montini, I am 33 years old and I have been living in Lisbon for nearly 5 years. I am a woman who madly loves this city. I have traveled so much and lived in so many places, but I never felt at home as much as I do here in Lisbon. I am ready to show you the city that made me fall in love in that distant 2019. We will discover an unexpected Lisbon, full of thrills and compelling stories at every turn. I fell in love with Lisbon and I'm sure you will too! Are you ready to go on this journey with me? I am, but are you?

When I listened to fado, I knew Lisbon was where I belonged.

I was born in Bolzano (Bozen), in the north of Italy near the Austrian border. My dad is from the Veneto region and my mum is of Croatian origin. My family taught me to never give up, dream big and aim high. Thanks to them, I was able to become the person I am today.

Why "Cantos de Lisboa"?

My project was born in 2022. I thought a lot about what to name it. As you well know, it is not easy to name a life project. I thought about it a lot, until one day I dreamed of swallows singing.

Group Travels

In this section I will present the package I will organize with my sister. Stay tuned.

My Blog

For me, communication is the basis of life. I love talking to people and sharing my knowledge with them, but sometimes I realize there is no time to share everything. And so the idea of this blog was born. In it I will share many thoughts, stories and poems that are born every day thanks to my muse, Lisbon.

My Tours

I will guide you through this magical city and give you such unique emotions that even when you return home, you will still feel the vivid memory of it. Learn more about the tours I organize below. My tours are designed and tailored just for you: the meeting point, the duration of the tour as well as the stops included during our visit can be tailored to your request.



"Classic" Tour of Lisbon

Together we will explore the heart of Lisbon



Tour of Alfama

Come explore the most secret and less touristy corners of the oldest neighborhood of Lisbon with me.



"Alternative" Tour of Lisbon

With this tour I will introduce you to the most "artistic" part of Lisbon



Tour of Belém

Come with me and discover the history of Portuguese navigation



Full Tour of Lisbon

In this tour we will be visiting all of the central districts of Lisbon: Alfama, Baixa, Chiado, Carmo and Bairro Alto.



Fado Tour

We will wander through the areas of Mouraria, Baixa and Bairro Alto to discover the history of fado.
Are you ready to go on this journey with me?

Magical city

Come discover the nooks and crannies and stories of this city that have bewitched my heart

"Elisa is great; she takes you on a discovery of some magnificent places in Lisbon by telling you beautiful stories that are able to thrill you. It is not the classic tour to see the city... she makes you realize how much she herself loves this city and is able to convey that to everyone. Highly recommended!!!"
Alessandra Marchi
"Elisa Montini is an excellent and professional guide! The thing I appreciated most was learning about so many legends and stories that I did not know! I have already done so many tours, but like Elisa there is no one! Muito obrigado Elisa."
Emery Michel
"Elisa is a fantastic guide. She manages to engage and convey the pleasure of the experience. Through her eyes we discovered an unexpected Lisbon. Highly recommend."
Daniela Sincich
"Fantastic experience, thanks to Elisa we discovered absolutely amazing glimpses of the city that deserve to be seen. Visiting them with Elisa then... an extra gear, for her professionalism courtesy and the heart she puts into what she does. An angel."
Domenica Venezia
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