The people are what make neighborhoods special

When people ask me who Alice is, the answer that comes naturally to me is, Alice is my adopted grandmother. Yes because unfortunately I haven’t had my grandmother for many years. And for me, it is as if my grandmother … Read More

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Each day has an ending

Today after work, I “hiked” up Graça Hill (one of Lisbon’s hills), until I got to one of my favorite miradouros: the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. I come here when I feel like enjoying the sunset, away from everything … Read More

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This is how houses used to be made.

The first time I stood in front of this house was three years ago. I was walking through the Alfama neighborhood and I saw it. Gorgeous. Unique in its style. The smell of the clothes hanging outside and the uniqueness … Read More

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More love for everyone

These two words encapsulate an important meaning. “Mais amor” means more love. And this is precisely the message I would like to share today, on a day as special as Valentine’s Day. On this day we feel compelled to show … Read More

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When I laugh so does my soul

How much have you been through Elisa? How many sacrifices, how many difficulties, how many disappointments, and especially how many tears. But, today I don’t want to think about that. I want to celebrate my successes, my achievements, the beautiful … Read More

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