Each day has an ending

Today after work, I “hiked” up Graça Hill (one of Lisbon’s hills), until I got to one of my favorite miradouros: the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.

I come here when I feel like enjoying the sunset, away from everything and everyone. Sitting on the little wall of this viewpoint, I was thinking about my day that was slowly fading away.

I was so focused on the idea that the “day” was ending, that I almost forgot what the real lesson of this sunset was: the “day” was not going out, it was just resting. He was going to rest, to become stronger tomorrow, because after all, being awake today had taught him many things.

And so, like the “day,” I too am going to rest, knowing that, with today’s little lessons, tomorrow, I will be “richer” than yesterday.