More love for everyone

These two words encapsulate an important meaning. “Mais amor” means more love.

And this is precisely the message I would like to share today, on a day as special as Valentine’s Day. On this day we feel compelled to show our love, through important gestures, extravagant dates or special gifts.

But I wonder why?
Why today of all days?
Why can’t every day be Valentine’s Day?
Why limit ourselves like this?

I am of the idea that every day can be Valentine’s Day. I work every day on loving myself, taking care of myself and showing my love to those who have entered my heart.

Today I celebrate my life and, in particular, the love for this wonderful city, which more than ever before, has made me feel loved, and thus, at home.

Mais amor for everyone, every day of this year, a wonderful year that has just begun.